Supplementary Course "Design and Partitioning of Dynamic Systems" WS22/23

Do you want to learn …​
… what Co-Simulation actually is?​
… whether you should use implicit or explicit time integration in the simulation of a vehicle crash?​
… if hysteretic and structural damping describe the same physical phenomenon?​
… which effects you have to consider when you design the camera setup of an automated vehicle?​

Those questions and more are answered in the supplementary course (Ergänzungsfach) "Design and Partitioning of Dynamic Systems" by Dr. Stefan Sicklinger. As a lecturer, he is able to include experience and examples from over ten years working at BMW and Audi and he is currently working as Head of Division BigLoop and Advanced Systems (Data Systems for Automated Driving) at CARIAD (VW Group Software Unit). In the lecture we foster an interactive exchange with the students to adapt the lecture content on their input. Therefore, we would like to encourage active participation of the students.  ​

Register now at TUM online! (And don't worry if you missed the first lectures, everything you need to know to catch up is provided in the script)​