Course: Positioning and navigation for off-road vehicles


Precise positioning technology is required in several kinds of off-road vehicles for various use cases. GNSS is currently the most important method for global positioning. Therefore, using GNSS receivers with precise correction methods together with navigation or control systems is the core of the course. You will learn the basics of GNSS positioning, various correction methods, different protocols and measures for the quality of position estimates. Moreover, navigation methods for (semi-) autonomous vehicles, especially in agriculture, are discussed in the course.
Besides path planning and tracking for single robotic vehicles, the lecture will also introduce the concepts of multi-agent navigation systems, which may collaborate and share sensor signals. In weekly exercises you will learn to solve problems and create small programs in Matlab. This course is designed for Master students who are interested in mechatronics and precision agricultural technology.


  • Basic mathmatical skills
  • Basic software developement skills
  • Interests in engineering and mechatronics

Learning goals:

  • Basics of GNSS systems
  • Use of correction methodes with GNSS
  • Basics of path tracking controllers
  • Principles of local positioning sensors
  • Principles of path planning
  • Basics of multiagent systems
  • GNSS data analytics

Lecturers:               Prof. Timo Oksanen, Ertug Olcay
Assistants:             Marcel Moll, M.Sc., Riikka Soitinaho, M.Sc.

Course language:  English

Module ID:              WZ1295

Semester:               Summer Semester 2022

ECTS-credits:        5

First lecture:         27.04.2022 at 11:00 - 14:00 (MW 2050) - Register in Moodle for instructions!