Ball Point Game (16.05.) – Get a free Introduction into Scrum

The “Ball Point Game” let you experience the “Scrum flow” and understand basic agile values and principles. This half-day workshop provides you the opportunity to contribute to our new Logo in an agile setting. The iterative development relies on rapid prototyping and early user feedback. Students benefit from access to our LPL laboratory and will team up with Prof. Zimmermann.

If you want to shape the future logo of LPL, you should apply now! The Ball Point Game gives you the perfect opportunity to understand agile methods for the example of our new LPL logo.


• Motivation, Curiosity and Fun
• Strong interest in hands-on project work
• Creativity and own ideas

• Solve a Design tasks relevant for LPL
• Self-organize within your team
• Present your concept several times to Prof. Zimmermann

We offer
• Creative atmosphere at new LPL
• Certificate for Introduction to Scrum

All applications received by Friday, May 11, 2018, will be considered. Please email to: