Hochschulpraktikum / Block Practical course - Fault-Tolerant Control and Supervisory Control Theory [MW2334]

This winter semester, the Assistant Professorship of Safe Embedded Systems offers a practical course (Hochschulpraktikum) on synthesis of fault-tolerant controllers.
This course will be held as a block from October 4th to October 11th.

This practical course focuses on the actual implementation of Supervisory Control Theory, which permits to generate correct-by-construction controllers.

To do so, we will use our didactic platform for production automation, and each group of 2 or 3 students will be responsible for the design and implementation of their own subsystem.
Since this physical platform is not harmful, it's expected that you run your first implementation on it just after the first session. Then, you'll improve it step-by-step (and understand the benefits of Supervisory Control Theory over manual implementation). Finally, the integration of the whole plant will take place during the last sessions.

No prerequisite: This practical block will begin by an introduction to Supervisory Control Theory aiming at explaining the main differences between this approach and the conventional one.
Then, we will focus on the application of this theory into practice. Yet, students interested in knowing about about the theory behind it are encouraged to follow the lecture on Control of Discrete Event Systems [MW2229] offered this winter semester too.
This practical course is taught in English.

More info: Practical course - Fault-Tolerant Control and Supervisory Control TheoryControl of Discrete Event Systems, TUMonline and provost@ses.mw.tum.de