TUM SOM Start Up Party

Donnerstag, 11.10.2018, 21:00
Freitag, 12.10.2018, 05:00
Nordgelände TUM Innenstadt

Calling the cute girl from your stats tutorial, the boy you’ve smiled at from the library, the travel enthusiasts returning from their trip to Bali, the unfortunate few that have exams until September, those who won’t have recovered from Wiesn, the flamingo-loving lecturers of this world, all Justus with their champagne girlfriends, all lucky ones spending their exchange in the most Northern city of Italy, the newly chosen ones dedicated to making their lifes excellent – we are calling YOU to join the entire TUM community for the night of nights.

Yes, it’s true – the legendary TUM SOM Start-Up Party @ TUM is back in 2018!

Our signature party, taking place only every two years, is happening again in the Nordgebäude on October 11.
All YOU need to do is get yourself a ticket asap. Get your friends a ticket asap. Get everyone you really want to see there a ticket asap. Check out our specials and secure yourself up to 23€ off drinks that night – NOW!

*** SPECIALS ***
All tickets: https://tum-som.com/startup2018/

I. Musk Special | Entry until 11.30pm | Free Beer / Sangria | Free Long Drink | 8€/32€ (Single/Group x5) | AVAILABLE NOW!

II. Merkel Special | Entry until 11pm | Free Beer / Sangria | Free Long Drink | 35€ (Group x5) | AVAILABLE in September

III. Trump Special | Entry until 11.30pm | Free Long Drink | 7,5€/30€ (Single/Group x5) | AVAILABLE in October

*** SAVE UP TO 23€ ***

We go back to preparing this fulminant start to the new semester and making sure it’s never been better.
You go back to the library (or the beach, depends.) – after you’ve secured yourself a ticket, of course.

See ya on Oct 11!
Your Party Council TUM SOM

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