Performance-aware flexibilization of complex flow HPC solvers

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The numerical simulation of compressible multiphase flows containing sharp interfaces is of
interest in many engineering applications. The interface physics can be well-captured
by a levelset function. This approach, however, makes an efficient implementation of the solver
challenging: Classical (well-optimized) stencil operations cannot be applied blindfolded
because the respective fluid information is not present in all cells. Computing compressible
flows, however, requires the usage of solvers built upon such stencils.
In this project, flexible stencil-based kernels of our multiresolution finite volume compressible
flow solver ALPACA are to be developed. These kernels are supposed to work on arbitrary
parts of the computation domain. Performance on modern HPC systems is a key aspect of
the implementation. Hence, profiles have to be done on the LRZ Linux cluster. The programming language is C++11.

- Profiling baseline version of the kernel functions
- Design and implementation of improved versions
- Profiling optimized versions



- Knowledge of C++11
- Ability to work independently
- Knowledge of profiling software, beneficial
- Knowledge of approximate Riemann solvers, beneficial

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