Decision Making in the Field of Sustainability

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Climate Change. Sustainability. E-Mobility. These three topics are shaping the future of the automotive industry. Companies like Tesla, Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen are advertising sustainable vehicles. But how does the sustainability trend affect vehicle manufacturers? How do managers need to position their companies to remain competitive in a volatile market? These questions will be answered as part of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

As part of a student team, you will investigate the decision-making process from a manager's perspective in this thesis. This is to illustrate the impact of more sustainable vehicles at a corporate level.

The work packages to be assigned include the following:

  • Familiarization with the state of the art of "Decision Making"
  • Analysis on current decision making in the field of sustainability
  • Determination of relevant information and data for decision making
  • Development of a methodology for informed decision making
  • Discussion of the results

There is the possibility to publish the results in form of a scientific paper.

The work can be done in home office and in German or English.

  • Independent and motivated way of working
  • Entrepreneurial creativity
  • Ideally previous knowledge in the field of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

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