Estimation of transport demand for rural farms in Africa

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The potential of electric vehicles in Africa

To face climate change in the mobility sector, electric vehicles (EVs) propose a solution for emission free mobility. In the global North, the transition to electromobility is already progressing, however the global south mainly remains on internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs). For communities in rural Sub-Saharan Africa there is a lack of mobility and access to electricity. However, solar energy is overabundant and Sub-Saharan Africa is a perfect location for solutions based on photovoltaic technologies.

Your contribution

Our project proposes decentralized solar charging stations combined with electric vehicles as the main driving force for rural mobility in Africa. As part of the project, we aim to identify the necessary requirements for the successful operation of a solar charging station with an electric vehicle for agricultural use cases. Therefore, we need to estimate the amount of crops which need to be transported from the farms and fields to the market places. There are various methods available, for instance GIS, satellite data or image recognition to identify the transport demand.

  • Short literature review on GIS analysis of mobility demands in the transport sector and agricultural production sites
  • Requirement analysis of the farming structure in rural Africa
  • Derive method on how to estimate demand and compare to state of the art
  • Parametric tool for transport demand estimation

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