Design of a circular concept for a stand-alone solar charging station

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Our project proposes decentralized solar charging stations combined with electric vehicles as the main driving force for rural mobility in Africa. As part of the project, we aim to create a circular strategy to design a stand-alone solar charging station.

Research work:

The aim of your work is to analyse the components of a solar charging station for their potential for circularity. Therefore, you research the main components of a solar charging station with stationary batteries and research their feasibility for 2nd life products and where to potentially source them in Africa and Europe. A final outcome of the thesis can be a concept on how to build a stand-alone solar charging station from 2nd life and recycled products.


  • Short literature research to principles of circular economy and the adaption in the automotive sector
  • Researching necessary components and assess them for their circularity
  • Research potential sources of 2nd life and recycled components and their cost (e.g. expert interviews for Africa)
  • Concept of circularity for stand-alone solar charging station

You are interested in 2nd life products and circular economy?

You want to do research with global Impact?


The thesis can be written in english and german.

Then we are looking forward to your amil with CV, grades and short motivation!

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