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Interdisciplinary Project X (IDP-X) in winter semester 2022

The course is applicable for Forschungspraktikum / Semesterarbeit (11 ECTS) for students of mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering etc.

Work creatively, agile and iteratively on an individual project in an interdisciplinary team for one semester. Anything is possible, as long as it is new, it is true and it does matter.

You will work together with designers, architects or rocket scientists and learn tangible methods for project management as well as for idea generation, prototypical implementation and human-centered evaluation.


We assign you to interdisciplinary teams (3- 5 students per group).
We provide the entire course with a leitmotif.


Three-day sprint instructed by your coaches: October 12th - October 14th 2022 in Garching (09:00-17:00).


Elaboration of your topic for 13 weeks in an iterative, agile and creative way, supported by your coaches and tutors.
Learn and apply new tools and methods for idea generation, prototypical implementation and human-centered evaluation.
Improve your soft skills in communication, collaboration, interdisciplinary teamwork and conflict management.

Every Tuesday, 14:00 - 16:00.

Home stretch

Present and document your project work, results and experience with regard to the leitmotif.


Apply until September, 25th with an informal application including your CV to:

Or check out our website at


For additional information, please contact the IDP-X Team:

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Nicolas Niessen, M.Sc.
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