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Our team of 20 PhD students develops a full software stack for autonomous driving. The goal is to create the overall optimal software for autonmous driving and to show real-world application. Thus, we offer both the development of new algorithms based on the latest methods in autonomous driving, but also the integration into a running software setup and application on the vehicle to get real-world test results. The development plattform we use is a level-5 capable research vehicle and a full-stack 3D Hardware-in-the-Loop simulator.

Our research fields are:

  • Object detection and localization with RADAR, LiDAR and camera
  • Intention recognition and motion prediction of road users including pedestrians
  • Adaptive behavior and motion planning in dynamic environment
  • Robust motion control and friction estimation
  • Software orchestration and optimization on different computer architectures
  • Remote teleoperation of the vehicle

Apply now and join the team!

  • First of all, enthusiasm for autonomous driving and motivation to learn new software tools
  • Team-minded
  • Programming skills (Python, C++)
  • Knowledge of software development & artificial intelligence methods
Verwendete Technologien
Git, ROS2, Docker, CARLA, CommonRoad
FTM Studienarbeit, FTM AV, FTM AV Perception, FTM Karle, FTM Informatik
Möglicher Beginn
Phillip Karle, M.Sc.
Raum: MW 3505
Tel.: +49 89 289 15898