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In study after study, the findings are clear: rural populations all over the world are systematically disadvantaged when it comes to accessibility. From healthcare and household consumption to crop yields and electricity coverage, a multitude of studies points to a direct correlation between access distance and well-being across these metrics. These findings have obvious implications for equity, as individuals that live in the most remote regions are more often than not also members of the most disadvantaged social groups.

But what if the conventional model was flipped? What if essential services flexibly traveled to these neglected communities, as opposed to asking individuals to make the oftentimes difficult trek to a fixed location? Interventions such as vaccinations, family planning support, antenatal care checkups, or portable battery pack distribution do not require significant infrastructure, and simultaneously promise to tackle some root causes of lagging improvements in these isolated regions, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

To design a fleet of electric vehicles and implement them in our test sites in Ethiopia and Côte d'Ivoire has become the focus of the aCar Research project at FTM. Based on our very own developed electric vehicle, we are now working on the full spectrum of challenges associated with mobile service. 

  • Understanding and manipulating GIS datasets to understand people's needs
  • Design vehicle superstructures to enable service delivery in remote areas
  • Developing routing algorithms for optimal usage of the fleet
  • and many more interesting topics....



No matter if you wanna crunch data or do qualitative research, at the aCar project define your thesis topic together to find the perfect match between your skill set and the problems to be solved. What you need to bring is

  • a strong motivation to work on real life topics
  • willingness to collaborate in teams and join our offside
  • ability to travel if necessary for your data collection or validations process
  • confidence to bear uncertainty
  • creativity in finding a never-seen solution

In October, we will be traveling to Ethiopia and Côte d'Ivoire and would like to take you there as well.

If this sparks your interest, drop us a mail with your CV, grades and s short motivation statement including your skill / preferred research area.



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