Multibody simulation of a bioinspired sensing system for a Soft Exosuit of the upper limb

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Soft wearable robots, so-called exosuits are a promising technology for providing motor assistance to complex multi DoF joints like the shoulder. Especially patients with physical impairments could benefit from this technology. In shoulder exosuits, simultaneous sensing of multiple joint angles is crucial to get a clear understanding of the arm orientation, state of the human-suit system, understand the pathology of the user, and acquire intention-based data. Most existing sensing systems have limitations like hysteresis and/or drift that makes it challenging to achieve the high accuracy needed for robust control of multi DOF exosuits.

Therefore, we would like to investigate the feasibility of a sensing system replicating the mechanism behind the sense of proprioception to sense multiple joint angles of the shoulder simultaneously.

In a first step, we would like to investigate the sensing architecture by utilizing a multibody simulation by use of the musculoskeletal modeling system OpenSim.

  • Basic understanding of the human movement
  • Experience in programming and/or simulation
  • Strong interest in biomechanics, soft robotics, sensing
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