Probabilistic GPS Frequency Adaptation depending on Road Network Densities

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Are you looking for a Master’s, Semester’s or Bachelor’s Thesis and you want to join a hands-on project? Then join us on our journey to understand the potential of electric vehicles for rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa and to understand mobility better all over the world!

Sound fun, which topic do you propose?

In this thesis we want to find out how often GPS needs to be requested on a smartphone to still track a person journey securely. As you can imagine on a denser road network we need to request the GPS more frequent than in a sparse road environment, as otherwise we couldn’t say which road someone exactly choose while moving. The movement speed and the GPS accuracy also play an important role for deciding for the right request rate based on the local factors.


You should be:

  • inquisitive in understanding how GPS works and which mathematics are behind GPS methods and tracking.
  • good in literature research and in screening different data sources to extract the right data to define the current state of science.
  • able to transform your findings into quantitative metrics by the method you’ll develop.
  • be ready to implement your own framework, preferred in Python (but also other programming languages will be suitable).
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