Development of software for package placement and enabling the economic evaluation of package variants on the aCar

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The aCar Mobility Project
Half of the world’s population lives in rural areas. Most of them live on the African continent and in agricultural communities. Insufficient infrastructure, unsuitable vehicles and high transport prices increase isolation and limit human development. To enhance access to markets and services, our institute has developed an electric, multipurpose vehicle specially designed for these regions. Starting in September 2021, we will operate two vehicles in Bekoji, Ethiopia and two in Yamoussoukro, Côte d’Ivoire to research & develop new service models based on electric vehicles.


Vehicle based services
Our major goal is to place multiple packages onto the aCar that provide numerous services to reduce downtime of the vehicles and maximize their economic value. We call this VBS or vehicle-based services.


You will create software and a fitting interface that makes it possible to place packages easily and manually into the installation space of the existing aCar in the form of a digital model. Additionally, this software will later be used to calculate package variants with the highest possible economic return, so an automatic package placement needs to be considered.

  • Literature review of modeling possibilities and state of the art vehicle-package management software
  • Creating the software and interface for the package placement
  • Including assessment criteria of the model’s installation spaces (Criteria will be given to you)
  • Working with the team to enable the economic evaluation of the package variants

The team and project perks
Master thesis and teamwork? Yes, you will be working in a team of 20+ students. We have weekly stand-ups, mid-term presentations and team events. You also have the possibility to travel with the team to Ethiopia or Côte d’Ivoire for validating your findings on November 2021.


Drop us a mail with CV, grades and short motivation. We promise an answer in two working days.


Clemens Pizzinini: -- aCar Mobility Project: aCar Website / FTM institute

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