Student Assistant Position on the Schlieren Imaging Project

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Institute: Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
Type of Position: Student Assistant
Content: theoretical

Outline of the Problem
At the Chair of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics we are currently evaluating possible
approaches to learn the underlying flow-field from the greyscale pressure gradient of
Schlieren images. There exists experimental data, recorded in a shock tube, but for the actual
training process of the algorithm we need a database of solved simulations with input-output
pairs. Using these resolved simulations the algorithm will then be trained with batches of
For this purpose we acquired our own GPU cluster, on which the algorithms and
preprocessing are running.

Your Task
Your first task will be to run a number of example simulations with varying input conditions,
in either OpenFOAM or Ansys CFX. Knowledge of the numerical solver of your choice is of the
utmost importance for this task. Following the running of the simulations you will then
postprocess the data using the scripting language of your choice, structure the dataset into
its different features and analyze the data for distinguishing features. For this task you will
have access to the GPU Cluster.
The workload and exact details of the contract will be determined before the start in
collaboration with the supervisor. The working hours are flexible and can be allocated as you
see fit.
It is furthermore possible to do further work on aspects of the project as an assistant or as
work towards your thesis after completion of the research assistant position.

Possible Start: immediately
Contact: Ludger Paehler, Room MW 1611, Tel: 089/28916114,


- Knowledge of Fluid Dynamics
- Familiarity with OpenFoam, or Ansys CFX
- Knowledge of a scripting language, such as Python, Julia, or Haskell
- Interest in Machine Learning
- Independent Working Style
- Creativity

Möglicher Beginn
Ludger Pähler
Raum: Raum MW 1611
Tel.: 089/28916114