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We want your article

You want to contribute to the Reisswolf? Great! Here are some things you should consider.


Your contribution should be with us ( before the respective deadline. The next ones are:

  • Sunday, the 21st of October for the 05/18 issue
  • Sunday, the 18th of November for the 06/18 issue
  • Sunday, the 6th of January for the 01/19 issue

If your contribution has arrived in time and meets some requirements, we will publish it. If we have any further questions, we will contact you.

What to consider

We don't publish...

  • commercial advertising
  • articles which go against laws

but everything else you send us!

Please also respect some other guidelines:

Formatting guidelines

  • Word or Text file, without formatting if possible. If you do have some special ideas on how to format the article, please give them to us via mail or a separate file
  • Don't insert pictures but refer to them (e.g. "here picture 1") and send them to us separately
  • Articles are made of:
    • a headline
    • a sub-headline
    • an introduction
    • the main text
    • name, picture and mail/web address of the author
  • please check your spelling and don't insert hyphens

If you still have questions, please contact us at

Many thanks,
your Reisswolf-Team