We print all kinds of scripts, course presentation slides, training and exam preparation exercises that are provided by the chairs. Therefore we are in constant dialogue with lecturers to expand our service with new material. The counter for our sales is located at court 0, directly right hand behind the stairs to the library if your are entering the faculty building via the main doors.

Here you can find the list of our scripts (list is only available in German).

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The logic of the article numbers

This is how the number codes for our scripts work. Imagine for this example the number 'abcdee', where each letter (pair) defines a number (pair) with different meaning:


1..4 : belongs to basic studies within the first 4 semesters (semester given)
5..6 : belongs to main bachelor studies (5: winter term, 6: summer term)


1 : Script
2 : Formulas
3 : Exercises
4 : Exam preparations
5 : Exam preparations, update I
6 : Exam preparations, update II
0 : Other


Represent the first two digits of the corresponding chair rooms.


Are just ongoing numbers.