Rental at our counter

If you want to relax during your studies, pay us a visit and rent sports and games utilities for free.

We provide support for study material as well. Forgot your calculator for the final exam? Need a sliding gauge for your CAD courses? We've got it! As of software, we provide Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, the MSDN Library, Windows 7 and 8.

Usually we take a deposit. Check the following table what is required in each case. If an item is marked with ID card, that means we accept your personal identity card, driving license or student card.

Necessary deposit

Item Deposit
Volley balls ID card
Footballs ID card
Basket balls ID card
Badminton accessory ID card
Frisbee ID card or 20€
Slackline ID card
Kubb ID card
Billard queues ID card
Table tennis accessory ID card
Playing cards ID card or 10€
Calculator ID card or 50€
Software ID card or 20€
Sliding gauge ID card or 20€

More offers

Additionally we sell tickets for upcoming movies at tu film and current university events at our counter.

If you contact us via email, we are able to rent even more of our own event material to student groups and chairs of the faculty for mechanical engineering. To reserve the equipment and allow us to plan ahead, we need an early request. Two weeks before has proven to work best. Only this way we can guarantee that your requested event equipment is available in time.

Your event & rent team