Improvements to an Airport Database for Flight Data Monitoring

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At our institute in the flight safety working group, we created a software module we call the "airport database". For any given flight path, it can figure out the best match for the landing runway and produce information about that runway from a database file. There is a problem though: we do not have a strategy yet to keep this database up to date, and our schema does not allow for the versioning of entries.

The goal for this task would be to draft an automated process to update and version our database, so that when airport runways change over the years, it can produce the correct information at the time of the flight. This requires ...

1) restructuring the database according to big data best practices (e.g. Marz and Warren 2015) to only store atomic truth values,

2) adapting the queries to include the time,

3) finding a trustworthy (paid or free) online data source (e.g., and

4) implementing the update procedure for the database.

I do not have a PDF for this offer, please email me if you have questions.

  • prior programming experience in MATLAB
  • SQL fundamentals
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