Development of a safety critical electrical system for a sub-scale model of an eVTOL Electrical Systems

Lehrstuhl für Flugsystemdynamik
Semester Thesis / Master's Thesis /

Looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated student with strong background in electrical engineering. You will be designing and developing a redundant electrical system intended for use on a state-of-the-art conceptual electric hybrid UAV configuration. Performance of the electrical system in terms of nominal and a degraded aircraft is to be analyzed. Subsequently, a parametrized selection procedure of a suitable battery system is to be carried out making a design matrix of available COTS components. Means of monitoring the chosen/designed battery system for incorporation into overall aircraft is to be investigated. Joint interface development with other aircraft systems is equally important to ensure suitability of the developed electrical system with overall aircraft operational objectives.

  • Excellent grades in electrical engineering
  • Previous experience with electrical system development
  • Good knowledge of Lithium-based battery technology
  • Self-motivated and ability to achieve given tasks independently
Possible start
Venkata Sravan Akkinapalli