Application of mesh deformation tecniques for the development of a shape-morphing CFD framework

Lehrstuhl für Windenergie
Semester Thesis / Master's Thesis /

Design of wind turbines is a complex multidisciplinary task which involves different fields such as aerodynamic, structures and control among others. It is evident that globally optimized configuration will require a trade off among all those subfields, thus a compromize among accuracy and execution speed is sought.

Wind turbines blade aerodynamics properties are nowadays usually computed through quick engineering models or experiments, but next generation frameworks will allow complete freedom of blade shape, and for that accurate aerodynamics data from high-fidelity simulations will be required.

The goal of the present project is to develop a framework for CFD simulations able to accomodate airfoil shape changes in an automatic way. This will require application of mesh deformation tecniques that allow shape deformations without affecting mesh connettivity layout, increasing computational performance.

After the development of the tool (Matlab, C++ or other preferred language), a thorough testing will be performed to ensure accuracy of results.




Knowledge of basic aerodynamic concepts is required, especially for the testing phase.

Experience with CFD (Fluent, Openfoam) is also highly recommended.

Possible start
Carlo Rosario Sucameli
Room: 2726