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Information for international students about the Buddy-program

During the term the International Department of the student council of mechanical engineering organises a Buddy-program for international students.

We hope to achieve a better integration of the incoming students and to increase the intercultural exchange at our faculty.

How does it work?

A few weeks before the beginning of the semester you will get an e-mail from us with detailed information about the Buddy-program and the sign-up process. You will get your personal Buddy already some time before lectures start. During the first week of the semester, we will hold an welcoming event. Following a short introduction you will get a campus tour and a small brunch/lunch with pretzles and beer.

Your buddy/buddies will be a contact person for you during your stay. They will help you with problems regarding the university, the course of studies and life in Munich. If you want you can spend your free time with them and get to know the city and the german culture.

How much time do you have to invest?

How much time you want to invest with your buddy is your own choice. You can decide how often you will meet and how much you will stay in contact with your buddy.

What is in for me?

The Buddy-Programm gives you a chance to meet people from around the world and to learn about their culture. It gives you a great opportunity to improve your language skills.

The first days in this foreign country and city will be much easier. You will find friends who already have the experience of studying at TUM. Not all of them are German of course. Some may even have been foreign students themselves and are now a part of this university - as we hope you will be some day.

Furthermore the International Department organizes some events for you and your buddies, for example a pub crawl, an international buffet or excursions.

If you are staying with us through the winter term, you will also have the opportunity to work with us at the International Shot Bar during esp.

If you have any questions about the Buddy-Programm or need help during the semester (if your Buddy doesn't know how to solve the problem first) then you can contact us by mail or find one of us at the Student Council Office - the office of the "Fachschaft Maschinenbau" in our faculty.

We wish you a great start and a pleasant time at your new university!