The Reisswolf - The magazine of the Fachschaft Maschinenbau

We are ten active students from your student council. Our task is to release our  magazine called „Der Reisswolf“ three times a semester. All together we are the „Fachschaftszeitungsreferat“. Besides the magazine itself we also do the „Erstsemesterreisswolf“, the magazine for our freshers. And we also have the „Klopapier“ (=“toilet paper“), which you can find inside the toilets of our faculty and which should give you some interesting jokes, information or some brain teasers. What we also do is to publish the „Reisswolf“ and the „Klopapier“ online right on this website. Here you can find our archive as well and you can download the older magazines if you are interested. Have a look.

Our work in detail is to manage to get articles for the magazine, to maintain contact to the chairs, the student groups and to our „Referat für Hochschulpolitik“. For example, an interview with a professor needs to be scheduled, prepared and afterwards we have to typewrite everything down from the record and give it a layout. But that's not enough, we create a well looking cover and manage to give it to our printers. Sometimes we also make an additional sheet with humoristic content for your amusement (called the WOLF).

We wish you a lot of fun clicking through our website and the archive. If you still have any questions, dont hesitate to contact us via E-Mail. We will be happy to answer you any question. We are also always interestend in new members for our team. If you like what we do and want to help your fellow students, don't hesitate to visit us in our bureau or write us an e-mail, we're eager to meet you!