Event Department

What would student life be without unforgettable parties, embarrassing pictures and funny evenings with great people? Enjoy the sunny side of student life and get to know interesting students on the wide range of events the student council arranges every semester. From poker tournaments to pub crawls, there's plenty to do. We also offer blood donation campaigns lasting several days, where you can do something good.Check out the news or our event calendar to find out what is currently on the agenda.

If you want to throw your own party, you can lend a lot of party equipment on a deposit. You can find more information on this under Lending. For breaks between the lectures we also have slacklines, billiard cues, Schafkopf cards, various balls and much more. Just drop by at our student council office! If you have something bigger in mind, come to us with your ideas and we will provide you with the environment to realize your own big event.

And that's what we're organizing for you:

Blood donation:

The blood donation, organized in cooperation with the BRK (Bavarian Red Cross), now takes place four times a year, for two days each, in Hof 1 of our Magistrale. We prepare delicious food, banana milk and juices, so you are perfectly taken care of after your donation.

Dance night:

The FSMB and the FS Chemie organize informal dance evenings for you regularly during the semester, with a focus on standard and Latin dance. Experienced dancers as well as beginners are welcome, in the first half hour we offer a dance course for you. Current information and dance partner search can be found in the Facebook group "TUM Open Dance".

In the winter semester:

Sports Day:

At the beginning of the winter semester as part of the POWER, we organize a sports festival for all new first-year students. From Viking chess to ball sports to slacklining, there is something for everyone.

Poker- / Schafkopf Tournament:

In the winter semester we organize a poker and Schafkopf tournament in cooperation with Campus Cneipe (C2). Here you can play against like-minded people and win great prizes. The C2 provides you with delicious food and drinks.


The highlight of every winter semester in Garching is of course the first semester party, the esp. Every year thousands of people flock to Garching to turn the Magistrale into a huge party zone. The yards, which are usually filled with hard-working students, are transformed into large party areas where people can dance, drink and celebrate. Hundreds of volunteers will take care of the organization of this mammoth project for you, so that you don't lack anything. The whole classes are also thrown by freshmen, according to the motto: A freshman party - from freshmen, for freshmen!

Christmas party:

In cooperation with the khg and ehg (Catholic and Protestant university community) we organize our Christmas party with punch, mulled wine and ginger bread during the pre-Christmas period. In addition, we provide a musical background and a beautiful Christmas tree that adorns the Magistrale throughout the entire Advent season.


Since 2015 the AStA organizes a small, three-day Christmas market, the GLÜHNIX. Here you will find mulled wine/Kinderpunsch-, Crêpe- and Flammkuchen huts where you can get in Christmas mood with student friendly prices.

In the summer semester:

Spring/Summer Ball:

Our ball, which takes place in spring or summer, is a little calmer. In a chic atmosphere you can dance to dances like waltz, tango and chachacha over the floor of the Magistrale. If you are not quite the proficient dancer yet, we always offer a few dance courses in advance. If one ball a year is not enough for you, the Winter Ball of the MPI student council is a good idea.

Science slam:

One of our more recent events is the Science Slam, where several lecturers present a scientific topic in an entertaining way and then present it to you in a short lecture. If you want to participate here you are always welcome to contact us.


On the day of the faculty, when the graduates of the TUM in mechanical engineering celebrate their farewell, we traditionally host the bar to provide you with delicious cocktails, long drinks and one or two wines.

Sports Day:

Within the framework of GARNIX we take care of a multi-day sports festival for you. Here you have the possibility to play classic sports such as basketball or football, but also exotic sports such as bubble soccer or human kicker are offered.

Of course, we also help out our colleagues from the other student associations and the AStA:


  • MeUP: Opening party of the winter semester is the "my first university party" in the inner courtyard of the main campus. Perfect for meeting new people and celebrating the start of student life.
  • Unity: The Unity has become a permanent fixture in the jungle of student parties. At the beginning of the summer semester the student councils of math, physics, information technology and chemnistry organize a party with different dance floors, several drinks and food stands and a great atmosphere.
  • GARNIX/TUNIX: The highlight of the summer semester every year are the two big open air festivals TUNIX in the city centre and GARNIX in Garching. Here you can get delicious food from the grill, cool beer, shishen, sweets and more at reasonable prices. In addition, there is a wide variety of music on the open air stage and the best thing is: Admission is completely free!
  • StuStaCulum: Many of you will have seen the student city at least from the subway window. Four days a year, the inner courtyards from the 1960s become a colourful area of stages, food and drink stands.
  • Uni Sommerfest: We celebrate the end of the Triple Live Summer (that is the common name of TUNIX/GARNIX, StuStaCulum, as well as Uni Sommerfest) every year in the LMU main building. Here you have a huge selection of different food, beer and cocktail stands, as well as several party areas and stages. There are also unusual things like a retro-gamer area, a silent floor and much more. Let us surprise you.
  • maiTUM: The maiTUM, which takes place at the beginning of May on the main site, is also an established event. Here the AStA sets up a large beer tent and provides you with delicious food and drinks as well as a great beer tent atmosphere.

Do you have questions or suggestions for an event? Would you like to get to know us better or would you like to take a look at us? Then simply write us an e-mail or come to the student council. And if you just want to help at an event, have a look at the helper website of the AstA, they are always looking for helpers.