Department for Information and PR

What is our job?

Every day you see the posters at the billboards in the hall and displays in front of the FSMB. Our job is to design, control and keep them up to date. Also we answer all emails from students, scientific departments, companies and pupils to as fast as possible.

In addition we are responsible for the contents of the FSMB-homepage, creating news-posts and calendar entries. We happily help with any questions concerning the handling of the homepage.

During summer term we also organize BASSD - the Basic and Advanced Studies and Science Day. There you are given the opportunity to gather information about the scientific departments of the faculty during tours or at stands about interesting research/projects at the university. You will find additional information about BASSD here.

Who are we?

Currently we are 13 members in the team, who distribute the tasks mentioned above among themselves.

If you are interested in joining us or have any questions, you can contact us via email at