Committees in the engineering faculty

Student union meeting

At the student union meetings every monday at 5:45 pm, usually in the PE-seminar room  MW 2101,  all 31 student representatives, elected according to Bavarian university law (BHG) in the university elections, meet.

In the process current topics from the faculty are discussed, and decisions discussed and made. On occasion guests from other student unions or the faculty are present in order to present a topic.

Additionally to the 31 mentioned BHG-votes there are interestde student union members and also all interested students are invited! So just check in if you have the time and learn many informations firsthand!

Faculty board

The faculty board is the highest decision-making committee at the engineering faculty. On this board are 13 professors, four research assistants, two non-research assistants, the women's representative and four students.

The four student representatives with the most votes from the university election represent you and work already in advance of the decisions on the various to be decided on concepts in order to introduce the student body's opinion. If you have questions you can contact us per our contact form.

Currently on the faculty board are Felicitas Engel, Maximilian Hasenau, Markus Weiß and Andrea Ebner.

Thank you for your confidence!

Starting October 1st 2016, representing you on the faculty board: